Healing Light Awakening


From Ronan (Librarian) (Two hours after IET Session).

"Must say Maria that I feel really truly wonderful right now! Totally refreshed recharged and full of energy.  Feels so great.  Thank you so much."

Next day-

"Well had a great sleep with lots of dreams.  Feel great again today......."


From Claire (Business Woman):

"I had the wonderful experience of having had 1 hour of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) with Maria.  The first thing that hits you is the beautiful location and ambience where the IET takes place.

 Maria is a very warm and personable woman.  I found the experience to be extremely relaxing.  Running my own business and constantly on the go, it was very therapeutic to de-stress for 1 hour.  I felt very rejuvenated afterwards.  I would thoroughly recommend Maria and getting a couple of sessions of IET".


From R.P.M. (Student):

 "I was not a believer in any religion so I was very surprised with the outcome.  I felt great afterwards and the next day.  It gave me the boost I needed to sort some things out". 


From Thérése (Voluntary Worker):

"For me it was a great healing experience.  The atmosphere was both relaxing and spiritual.  Thank you Maria". 


From Mary B (Caterer):

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my experience with Maria.  I felt totally relaxed and calm after my visit to her".


From Anne (Secretary):

"Integrated Energy Therapy benefited me in that my sleep was better.  I felt more at peace with myself and it was calming for me".