Meditation with Archangel Raphael

Posted by Maria Faulkner on January 27 2011 @ 08:15

This is a beautiful Meditation:


Archangel Raphael's Garden - Healing Meditation

 As you breathe deeply and gently, releasing the cleansing breath slowly, your awareness focusing only on the breath.  Your physical body becomes more relaxed with every cleansing breath that you take.  Any outside distractions that you may hear will only deepen your meditation.

As you continue to breathe, becoming lighter and lighter, through time and space.  There is only the now.  In your mind's eye you see yourself in a beautiful garden.  You are surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers.  You may hear the sound of the trickling brook within this garden of serenity.  The flowers that adorn this angelic garden are vibrant and beautiful.  You can smell the gentle sweet fragrance of the flowers and the scent of the cool green grass which you stand upon.  As you look around the garden, you can see all the angelic beings surrounding this beautiful space.  This is a garden of peace and serenity.  This is Archangel Raphael's Garden, a place of love and healing.  You see Archangel Raphael as he comes to welcome you, carrying his emerald scepter.  He invites you to lie down on the cool green grass.  As you lie down upon the grass you see the emerald scepter that Raphael carries at his side, it begins to radiate and illuminate the powers of the healing energy.  You rest and close your eyes, knowing that Raphael is guided, by your needs of healing.  You allow the healing energies of the illuminated emerald, to be absorbed by your every need.  Take this time, to be with the healing angel and the healing energy.

As your session comes to an end with Archangel Raphael, give thanks for what you have received, knowing that you will carry this gift of healing with you.

As you bring your awareness back into your physical being.  You become more aware of your physical surroundings and self.  As you become grounded, feeling the presence of your physical body, your awareness comes back to this time and place, opening your eyes as you become accustomed to your physical self once more.  Take your time, opening your eyes when you've returned.


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