Example of Energy Field Imprinting from a traumatic event

Posted by Maria Faulkner on November 19 2010 @ 13:59


Example of Energy Field Imprinting from a traumatic event.

Integrated Energy Therapy accomodates the clearing of the nine cellular memory areas of the body by firstly energizing the area by gentle healing touch, followed by integration which releases negativity in that area.  As an example, by working on the heart area (just above the chest), heartache and betrayal are released and love is imprinted.  The nine cellular memory areas are:-  Top of the head, Third eye, Throat and lungs, back of the neck, shoulders, spleen, liver and gall bladder, stomach and adrenals, kidneys. 

To illustrate how cellular memory imprints can be stored in the various layers of the human energy field, I will use a hypothetical example of a person, who I will call Carol being held-up at gunpoint.  The scenario involves Carol working in a store that is about to close.  The other employees have just left and Carol has locked the main door and is finishing up final paperwork before she leaves.  There is knock on the door, Carol assumes that one of her co-workers has forgotten something and has returned to get it.  Without thinking, Carol goes to the main door and unlocks it only to find that it is not a co-worker, but a man with a gun.  The gunman holds the gun to her head and threatens to kill her if she does not open the safe.  This situation is more than Carol's emotional system can safely experience, so she disassociates from the feelings and stuffs them into her cellular memory.  The following are examples of the imprints that these suppressed feelings can make in each layer of the human energy field.


  • Physical Layer - the feeling of the cold metal of the gun pressing into the back of the neck; muscular tension in the entire back of the body and in the area of the stomach; adrenaline rushing through the body; cold, sweaty sensation of the skin.

  • Emotional Layer - feelings of fear, threat, stress, distrust, with anger.


  • Mental Layer - thoughts such as: "I am so stupid," "I can never do anything right," "I am going to die," "I can't be trusted," "men are dangerous," and "men can easily overpower me."

  • Spiritual Layer - if Carol were killed in the robbery, the spiritual layer would preserve all the above information for each of the other layers and possibly re-create it in a future-life experience.  If a similar event had occurred in a past-life experience, this new repetition of the experience would trigger the past experience, adding to the intensity of the other layers.

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